Musical Festival

Music festivals are a great experience with a brilliant atmosphere. They’re full of people who love music so if your one of those people this is something for you. We offer a live video of the performances if you happen to miss any as well, check it out on this website which also including everything you need to know; music festivals

You can come for a weekend or just a day depending how long you want to stay. If your coming overnight why not try camping, its a cheap way to stop and it echo friendly.

Heres our guide to what you should take to a Festival:

You will need: pillow, tent, pillow if you desire, portable lamp or torch, paper cutlery if your planning on eating, matches, medicine, camera but be carefull you don’t loose that, foldable chair, blankets if it gets chilly, air mattress, tools for setting up the tent, plastic bags for dirty items.
You shouldn’t take: An Ipod you wil most probably loose it and who needs an Ipod when there will be music all around you! Try not to take too much money, you never know what type of people are out there. Basically dont take anything thats really important to you, theres always a chance you will loose it and then your regret taking it!

This type of event should be on your list of things to do before you die so don’t read this and just be interested. Tick it off your list and book some tickets you wont regret it.

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